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CODE Beautiful Blog

A Day in the Life of a CODE VLM addict, our guest blogger, Carla…

Morning! Here we are again, the hour of the day everybody wishes they never saw 6:20am. Zzz… A restless night resulting in lack of sleep, wanting that extra hour (or several!) in bed and tired piggy eyes!! So I’m sat here wondering will I actually look presentable for work today?!

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Cassie Lomas thinks CODE VLM Mascara is AMAZING!


It’s fab to see so many positive reviews when people get their hands on our CODE Volumising Lengthening Mascara... especially when the beauty professionals in our industry think its fab too!

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Our Summer of Love #CODEBeautiful Giveaway

CODE Beautiful Summer of Love

We've had lots of requests to bring back the competition SO we've decided today (despite our despicable weather)  to start our Summer of Love to cheer us all up,



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Lizzie - Our photo shoot make up artist

As a Make-up Artist I am always on the look out for best products out there, so I was very excited to be asked to be the make-up on the CODE VLM photo shoot and be one of the first people to use the mascara.
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Windows to the soul

Guest blogger and very first consumer, Nicola...

Okay so Shakespeare once said that the eyes are the window to the soul...I reckon he was kinda right there... I'm a woman who love love loves all things hair, fashion and of course make up...I have followed with eager anticipation the launch of CODE VLM and with fervour I weekly tried to crack the code...

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A little thought from.... Sarah Brock

We don’t just want our blog to be us chatting and waxing lyrical about stuff…. We are going to invite others to share their thoughts on CODE and all things beautiful, so here's our first guest thoughts…..

From the award winning makeup artist Sarah Brock

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The VLM Brush

Let’s talk mascara brushes,

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What...Pixiwoo...Thinks CODE VLM is fab... :-)

SOOO, whilst taking my make up off last night, ready to get in some early zzz's, text messages were coming through saying…. "Sarah!!! Pixiwoo thinks CODE VLM mascara is great, she's just put it in her latest video blog you have to check it out on YouTube!"

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Our VLM Looks

Check out how to create different looks using our CODE VLM mascara...

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Insider tip on how to apply your CODE VLM mascara..

Never underestimate the importance of technique when applying your mascara...!

Now we don’t want to teach our Grand Mother to suck eggs but we realised that professional Makeup Artists apply mascara in a certain way. We watched, we learnt and then we gave the technique the CODE Beautiful make over

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What's in the product?

OK, so we knew what we wanted from mascara but we were constantly disappointed with products which promised this, that and the other but couldn’t deliver results

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CODE Beautiful












Well we can hardly believe it… this brand and our very first product has been in the making for the last year.

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