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Perfect Summer Makeup

We are currently in the height of summer and the hottest month of the year, August, and whether we are spending it on holiday, at a festival or just chilling at a garden party we want to look our best. It’s not too late to make sure you summer makeup is on point, here’s how to do it!

Invest in a Primer- A good primer will stop your makeup sliding off in the summer heat, and the extra layer won’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on your skin. Adding a primer to your routine only takes a few extra seconds, and it will be so worth it with the difference it makes to your makeup.

Get Bronzer and Highlighter Right – Bronzer and highlighter are two makeup products that we associate with summer, and when done right they can really help you reach sun goddess status. However, applying too much or incorrectly can make you look a streaky, sweaty mess. Apply these products in places where the sun naturally hits your face, such as your cheekbones, browbones, nose and chin.

Look After Your Lips - Summer heat and hot temperatures can leave your lips dry and flaky, which is not a good look. We often forget to look after our lips like we do the rest of our skin, but it’s just as important as it’s a super sensitive area. If you want healthy, plump lips, try CODE LIP, a lip plumper that will give you the pout you crave, without doing any of the damage caused by lip plumping techniques. Regular use of CODE LIP will improve the natural condition of your lips, leaving them fuller and more defined 👄











Pick Natural Colours – Summer is a great time to embrace your natural beauty, and subtle, natural colours will give you that fresh faced look we all crave. For eyes, try light shimmery eyeshadows in neutral colours such as creams and browns.  For lips pick a colour that enhances your natural lip shade. CODE SSL (our soft smooth lip liner) comes in a nude rose shade that will look amazing whatever your colouring.

Or, Play with Bright’s – If you want a look that’s a little more out there, try bright colours such as oranges, yellows and turquoises, colours that really say ‘summer.’ You can play with bright shades or your eyes and lips (use CODE SSL underneath your lipstick to prevent bleeding), and for a really coordinated look, match a brightly coloured eyeshadow or lipstick to your nails.

Forget Fake Lashes – Fake lashes in hot, weather – no thanks, we can’t think of anything worse than having glue and heavy lashes stuck to our eyelids when enjoying the sun, and however hard you try, they won’t stay on when your sweating. If you still want that dramatic eye look in summer, don’t worry, CODE FFL is here to help. It’s a lash plumper that you apply under your favourite mascara (or CODE VLM for maximum effect) and it will give your lashes that long, thick and full look which you strive to get from falsies.


Great tips here ladies!!!! I’m definitely guilty of doing some of the Dont’s rather than the Do’s so will be taking your tips on board :) #SoonToLoseMyPrimerVirginity xxx

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