CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes


Created for those ladies with super short, sparse lashes or for those who want the fake lash look but in a natural, beautiful way.  This pre-mascara lash plumper upgrades lashes before mascara is applied, giving instant volume, thickness and length. 

CODE FFL has got ladies dumping their falsies!  Ladies who want to get thicker, fuller lashes and then some... can now Forget Fake Lashes.

CODE FFL upgrades lashes, enhancing short and sparse lashes to give a real boost pre-mascara.

The formulation:

A fibre based, luscious, creamy light brown formula that plumps and thickens each individual lash pre-mascara application. Hydrating and conditioning agents to care for lashes and softening agents that prevents cracking and flaking.  FFL also has the same VLM volumising and thickening ingredients – upgrading the volume and length of lashes prior to mascara application but keeping that super soft touch feel.

The brush:

A full bristle brush that has been designed to grab every lash – even the shorter new lashes!  Giving definition, thickness, volume and lift. 

Word on the street:

99% found FFL easy to apply

95% found FFL & VLM used together gave the appearance of longer, thicker and more defined lashes

“I had the full-on lash extensions look, and I love it!" - L Jones

“My lashes look WOW!” - H Bennett

Key features:

Everyone benefits from the FFL pre-mascara upgrade.

  • Short lashes - will be given show stopping length
  • Thin lashes - will be plumped
  • Paraben-free, CODE FFL is not tested on animals
  • 12ml

So we came up with a fab way to get perfect results.  Do try this at home...

Roots: Pop the brush on to your lashes as close to the root as you can.
Wriggle: Give the brush a good wriggle back and forth!
Roll: the brush from root to tip.

Leave CODE FFL to dry for 30 seconds, then apply mascara and build to your desire!
Click here to see how to apply...

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