CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes


We can’t promise you it’ll land you the person of your dreams and it definitely won’t get rid of your hangover from one too many glasses of wine last night. However we can save you time and eyelash damage by using CODE FFL instead of falsies! 

  • Created for people with short, sparse lashes, or those that want the fake lash effect but in a natural way
  • Pre-mascara plumper upgrades lashes before any mascara is applied, giving instant volume, thickness and length
  • Formulated with hydrating and conditioning ingredients to ensure lashes remain nourished and flake-free
  • Full bristle brush designed to grab every lash and plump it to its full potential
  • Cruelty free 
  • A generous 12ml


A fibre based, creamy light brown formula that plumps and thickens even the tiniest of lashes. Features hydrating and conditioning agents to care for lashes and softening agents that prevents cracking and flaking. 

WARNING: This mascara is drier than generic mascaras you may find on the market, this is not a bad thing! Trust us ;) 

We spent a long time developing the wiper inside our mascara tube to make sure it gets the perfect amount of product on the brush. Other ‘wet’ mascaras often leave too much product on the brush which leads to clumpy lashes! 


Roots: Pop the brush on to your lashes as close to the root as you can.
Wriggle: Give the brush a good wriggle back and forth, this will make sure even the tiniest of lashes are covered.
Roll: Gently twist the brush from root to tip.

Leave CODE FFL to dry for 30 seconds, then apply you're favourite mascara on top. 



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