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If you’ve ever bought a beauty product and felt let down by it’s promises you’ll understand why we (two welsh sisters) dedicate our time to help women feel their most naturally vibrant selves every day with products that simply do what they say they will, give tremendous value and last all day long. It's as simple as that.  

Cruelty free & vegan beauty products - from our family to yours... 🇬🇧

Feel naturally vibrant every day. 

The antidote to tired eyes

Get up and glow

The ultimate everyday mascara

About us

Sisters on a mission

We are two welsh sisters, that were literally fed up of seeing a retouched beauty ad, buying the product and getting let down, either because the product didn’t work or it didn’t last. 

SO we work along side a selection of our customers and only make vegan and cruelty free products that do what they say they will (and more), that’s why we have such a high amount of customers that wont buy any other make up now.