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Why We Exist


We are two welsh sisters, that were literally fed up of seeing a retouched beauty ad, buying the product and getting let down either because the product didn’t work or it didn’t last.  SO we work along side a selection of our customers and only make vegan and cruelty free products that do what they  say they will (and more) that’s why we have such a high amount of customers that wont buy any other make up now. 

Here's some feedback from a few of our customers...

"I recently purchased all the products from here because I love how well they work with my skin. Although I love them all, I really am enjoying using the Lid Lift enhance. I am almost 52, I have never wore much make up, especially eye shadow. As my skin is ageing and I see my lid drooping a little, I was intrigued to see what this product could do. Honestly, I have never had so many compliments on my make up with using the lid lift. I use the light hearted mostly in the early mornings when I work, but have mixed in a dab of deep moments when I am going out in the evening. I honestly see and feel a different. As for the mascara, I have allergies, over the years I have had a lot of bother using any mascara as my eyes itch and after a couple of hours I need to remove it. This Mascara however with the "forget fake lashes" underneath has changed everything. I sometimes forget I have mascara on it feels so light and I have no itching. I’m obsessed honestly and I am never going to buy another product again.
Thank you!!!

"Loved everything! Amazing. And cruelty free!" Annie

"Purchased the full kit. After using hundreds of different products over many years I can honestly say that these are the best I've ever used. My new favourite brand. Super fast delivery. Highly recommended!" Michele

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