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Our Story

A product of the bonds of sisterhood—literally; we were founded in 2014 by Sarah and Emma Cross. Fed up with products that over-promised and under-delivered, as well as with this pervasive one-size-fits-all definition of beauty; the sisters went to work creating a cosmetics brand that didn’t fall short. 

Instead of trying to sell products by telling women they need to fit an industry definition of beautiful, we decided to do things the other way around. By simply asking, listening to the feedback and then committing to creating products of uncompromising quality, CODE Beautiful was born. 

And were pretty proud of what were building. 

“CODE Beautiful is for people who see past the beauty industry hype. No trends, no nonsense; just the products we’ve been asked for, upgraded both in the way they are produced and the way that they perform, to enhance the way our customers look and feel according to their own definitions of beauty.”  

- Sarah Cross, Founder of CODE Beautiful