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Become part of the CODE Beautiful family...

Whether you’re a makeup artist, an ‘influencer’ with a YouTube channel, website, or Instagram page or someone who’s passionate about life and sharing things with your friends, being part of the CODE Beautiful Family team is the perfect way to earn some cash while telling your friends about the products you really love!

Becoming part of our family costs you nothing and you can start earning as soon as you’ve been approved. (See below for the types of family members we are looking for.)  You will set up a discount code for your followers and we will give you all the links you need for your channels and you’ll get rewarded whenever a new person shops your recommendations.

We offer 10% commission on all your sales and you’ll also get a unique 20% discount code to share with your followers, so you can give them an exclusive treat.  We will gift you products based on your engagement with us and your sales monthly or quarterly.

So the ideal family member will be :-

  • Totally themselves
  • Honest, down to earth and wants to support and engage the people around them
  • Takes care of the appearance of their page and themselves without the desire to be perfect
  • Ideally 35 to 85 (but we are not ageist so don’t let that stop you that’s just who our customer mainly is)
  • Doesn’t take themselves too seriously
  • Has a great relationship with their followers 
We can’t wait to work with you!