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Eye Looks We Love

Doing our eye makeup is our favourite part of getting ready, it’s the area of our face that allows us to have the most fun and be the most creative. Here’s a list of eye makeup trends we are loving at the minute, but we want to hear from you too! What’s your favourite eye makeup trend?


Halo Eyeshadow – Halo eyeshadow is a technique that uses shadow placement to create the appearance of larger, rounder eyes and it really does look angelic.  The way to do this is to use light eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelids and darker eyeshadow on the sides, this brings light to the centre of your eyes, making them pop. Use 3 shades for the best effect, and have a play around with colours.

Halo Eyeshadow


Pretty In Pink – Pink is usually a colour that we think more about using on our face and cheeks but it can look amazing on eyes too, giving a really fun and youthful look. A winged eyeliner really completes this look well and is a good way to make the pink work. Take inspiration from makeup artist Paulina’s take on this look, in which she used our miracle mascara, CODE VLM.

Pretty In Pink


Shattered Glass Eyeliner – We like featuring an ‘out there’ look on these lists, and this is one we might actually try at home (although maybe for our Instagram rather than real life, it looks a bit uncomfortable!) Shattered glass eyeliner is created by sticking little shards of holographic paper on your eyelids, as seen here on Instagram user Halley Wong.

Shattered Glass Eyeliner


Heavy Cat Eye – The cat eye look is always a winner, and for a special occasion (or even just a typical day if you feel like it) why not take it further and make it super heavy, it looks amazing on Selena Gomez here. So as not to look overdone when trying this look, we recommend keeping the rest of your makeup natural.

Heavy Cat Eye


Glitter Corners – This look is super easy to do (simply just dab a bit of glitter on the inner corners of your eyes) and it makes a massive difference to your look. The glitter will brighten up your eyes (it’s a great one to try if you’re looking a bit tired) and take a basic makeup look into something a bit special. The trend can also be adapted to suit the occasion e.g. a bit of gold glitter for a typical night out or full on bright colours for a festival.

Glitter Corners

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