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It's super important to us to have a genuine relationship with our #CODERS, and part of that is introducing you to the team. We decided to start a weekly feature, where members of team code would answer a few questions, so you can get to know us a little better!

Up this week, Emma P! x

What does your role working on CODE involve?

So my role for CODE is one surrounded completely by numbers, and ranges from year end accounts preparation to helping maintain the internal accounts system and anything else in between, that is required to ensure the company meets its daily obligations whilst continuing along their path to global domination! Some may say I get all the boring stuff, but it’s the boring stuff that can often cause some of the biggest problems so it’s important that we try and stay ahead of the game with things and keep a track of everything going on. And with Sarah (CODE’s founder) being one of my dearest (and longest known) friends there is even more pressure to get the numbers game right! ;-)

Which celebrities style do you admire the most?

Victoria Beckham is a huge style crush for me, she never gets it wrong, and it’s really nice to see how as she gets older her style is reinvented and tailored to that given time in her life. Her Dover Street store was just divine! Louise Redknapp is another favourite of mine, again another lady who knows what suits her and doesn’t feel the need to bow to the pressure of being seen in what everyone else is wearing. Although there may be some high fashion items in her wardrobe, they always seem to be mixed up with something classic. And whilst both of the above ladies are truly gorgeous and stylish, there is only one true fashion icon…………..Ms Audrey Hepburn herself! Simply beautiful in every way. 

What’s your favourite CODE product and why?

My favourite CODE product has to be VLM, although I use Mini VLM on most days, I just never get bored of seeing the impact of VLM every time I apply it. And I love how adding an extra layer to your lashes can completely transform your look. A true #CODEHero. 

What’s your favourite quote?

Treat others how you want to be treated………………….no matter how they treat you back.

This is something my Pops has always taught me, and the older I get the more I realise he is absolutely right. 

What’s your favourite style/era of makeup?

1950’s / 1960’s – I love the Elizabeth Taylor / Audrey Hepburn look. Classic, simple, timeless.

I am excited to see what #CODEHero product will be next to add to the range of timeless products already on sale.


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