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Is your make-up gathering cobwebs

is your make up gathering cobwebs

How old is your mascara – and be honest? We’re ALL guilty of clinging on to our make-up for longer than we should. Let’s face it, who wants to throw out their favourite mascara if they can scrape out a few more weeks of use? But, how old is too old? Make-up artists tell us that we should replace our mascara every three months, but do we REALLY need to? In a word, yes! Here’s why: Eyelash mites – yes, that’s real-life creatures - can be transferred between lashes and mascara, and can cause irritable skin and eye infections. What’s more, laboratory-based tests on make-up and application tools (including mascara wands) have shown up all sorts of different microbes that can cause infection.

Without regularly throwing out older make-up and cleaning our make-up tools, bacteria can build up from constantly being in contact with our skin, and can lead to infections such as conjunctivitis. And conjunctivitis is never a good look. So follow our tips for keeping your favourite CODE mascara bacteria-free and making sure the only creepy crawlies around this Halloween are well and truly away from your make-up bag 👻

  1. Be selfish with your mascara. Yes, that’s right. Normally we’re all for spreading the love, but if there’s two things in life that we aren’t a fan of sharing, it’s our toothbrush and our mascara. Not letting your BFF share your CODE FFL will stop the transfer of germs from their eye to your own and vice versa.
  2. Treat yourself regularly. Replace your mascara every three months, to limit the chance of harmful bacteria growing and spreading. Like you needed another excuse to try the latest CODE mascara…
  3. Use a water based make-up remover. Removing your make-up properly every night is essential, not only for keeping your skin clear but to limit your chances of getting eye infections. CODE products are easy to remove with just a simple water based remover. 
  4. Clean your brushes in between uses. Give your make up brushes a good thorough clean (using a gentle shampoo or facial cleanser and warm water) or we quite like this... StylPro Expert Brush Cleaner.
  5. Try CODE VLM MINI Volume Lengthening Mascara, £10. This petite version of our best-selling VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara is ideal if you struggle to get through a full-sized tube in three months, for example if you don’t wear mascara every day. This luscious glossy fibre-based mascara gives lashes incredible lift, length and volume, plus it doesn’t smudge, flake or clump. Ideal if you can’t bear the thought of throwing out a half-used mascara after three months.

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