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18 Most Terrifying Beauty Fails

With Halloween just around the corner, it got us thinking of all the truly terrifying things that happen to us beauty obsessives on a daily basis. Here are CODE’s 18 worst beauty nightmares:


1. Sneezing after you just applied your mascara... (but we’ve got your back, as CODE VLM is tearproof so it won’t budge with a sneeze ;-)

sneeze after applying mascara


2. Spending forever getting glitter eyeshadow to look cute, only to have glitter all over your face within 10 minutes

 glitter on face


3. Shattered palettes make us feel like our hearts just shattered #RIP



4. The words “out of stock”

Out of Stock


5. Getting winged liner even. If you can do this first attempt, we salute you 🙌🏻

winged eyeliner


6. Noticing lipstick on your teeth when you’ve just been talking to a hottie in Starbucks #fail 🙈

Lipstick on teeth 


7. Trying to apply false lashes to your other eye and having a tantrum when they just don’t go your way. ‘Go without me, I’m too stressed to enjoy myself now anyway’ (That’s why we created CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, you’re welcome) 👏🏻

Trying to apply false lashes


8. Going into a makeup department and picking up the same lipstick you already own 15 times

should i buy more makeup


9. Shopping in a busy retail store on a Saturday 🙈

Busy store


10. A limited edition palette coming out a week before payday- WHY 💁🏻



11. Realising your makeup collection is worth more than your house

bags under my eyes


12. When you've stayed up to watch your fave programme and about to hit the pillow when you realise you still need to remove your makeup 😤

remove makeup 


13. Leaving the house and forgetting to draw on your eyebrows

all about the brows

14. When someone with bad make-up gives you make-up advice ✋🏻

When someone with bad makeup gives advice 

15. When you've spent over an hour on your eyeshadow and poke yourself with the mascara wand...

mascara on eyelid


16. The moment you think you see a spider but actually it’s just some old fake lashes

fake lashes 

17. When your night out gets cancelled but you just spent 3 hours and approx £35 worth of makeup on your face...

 cancel plans

18. When your can’t live without item is discontinued



Got your own daily beauty scare...? Comment below! 👏🏻




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