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What's your Halloween make-up tribe?

Remember when Halloween was just for kids? Oh how we’ve moved on from the days when the 31st October was just a day when we’d go for a spot of after-school trick or treating, dressed in a bin liner and a mask we’d bought at the newsagents. Now, thanks to Hollywood’s love of Halloween, the end of October is one long party, an excuse to dress up, go crazy with our make-up and then Instagram the hell out of it. It also means we all now fit into our own Halloween style tribes, distinguished by the kind of make-up we veer towards come the 31st October. So keep reading, to figure out which Halloween tribe you fit into, which Halloween look you should go for this year, and which CODE products you need this Halloween.

The Sexy one

The style: This one’s pretty obvious. You know  the one: she’s the girl who uses Halloween as an  opportunity to go more risqué with her outfit than is socially acceptable on your usual Friday night. The outfit is a giveaway: she’ll be sporting a nurse’s costume, a ‘sexy’ skeleton outfit, or something from Ann Summers. Her make-up will be full of horror references but don’t be fooled – she’ll still look seriously hot. Identified by: The half skull/half perfectly made up face; any kind of glitter; her usual make-up with a minor Halloween reference (a drop of fake blood in the corners of her mouth?). Get the look: CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner and CODE LIP Lip Intense Plumper will make sure your pout is looking bigger, fuller, and suitably sexy - a pre-requisite for this look.


The Gory one

the gory oneIf you fall into this category, you see Halloween as a chance to showcase a dramatic, creepy look, that’s as far away from your day-to-day style as possible. Gory details and OTT make-up are essential and you’ll search through Instagram for weeks to look for your freaky inspiration.

Identified by: the devil is in the detail for this tribe, so look for ‘stitches’,  the use of zips and anything that is genuinely creepy.

Get the look: Dark eyes are a must-have for girls who love a gory Halloween look and no smoky eye is complete without CODE VLM Volume Lengthening Mascara.


The Quirky one 

the quirky oneThink you’ve seen it all before? The Quirky One will make you think again. They’ll be the one that sports a look that no-one else at the party will have. They’re also big fans of anything that gives an optical illusion effect.

Identified by: it could be anything. This year, look out for more subtle optical illusions, that create the effect of half-eaten faces and necks that appear to be ‘melting.’ Look out for ‘unicorns from hell’, too.

Get the look: You could say that CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes Mascara creates optical illusions: it certainly gives the impression of false lashes. Ditch the strips and use this pre-mascara product instead. You’ll be left with lashes that look as full and long as falsies, leaving you extra time to focus on the rest of your (crazy) look.

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