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Make-up horror stories

make up horror stories

With Halloween being the traditional time to tell horror stories, we thought we’d have a tale-telling sesh in the CODE office. But with us being a bunch of beauty buffs, we aren’t about the ‘Here’s Jonny’ kinda tales: we decided to tell our make-up horror stories- you know, all those terrifying tales of fake tan tide marks and first date make-up disasters. But in true CODE style, we couldn’t help but turn these ghastly recollections into something more positive, vowing to learn from each other’s mistakes. So, keep reading, to find out the worst stories to come out of the CODE team’s memory bank – and how we’ll be avoiding future re-occurrences at all costs.


The time I….

Pulled my eyelashes out with an eyelash curler

“I have REALLY straight natural eyelashes (a beautician once told me that they’re so straight they ‘point downwards’) so naturally I have always relied on eyelash curlers to give them a little bit of lift. When I first started using eyelash curlers, I wasn’t really getting the curly lash results I’d (unrealistically) envisioned, so I thought I would try a new way of using them. Instead of using the curlers on bare lashes, I decided to blast them with a hairdryer to heat them up, before using them on mascara’d lashes. As the curlers cooled down, clamped down onto my lashes, the heat must have done something to the mascara to make it set, leaving my lashes essentially glued down to the curlers. When I pulled the curlers away, you can guess what happened – a huge chunk of my lashes were still attached to the curlers and I was left with a bald patch on my eye. Needless to say, the straight lash look is a better look than a bald lash line...”

Next time I will….

“I’ve obviously learned to be a little more careful with the lash curlers, but now I rely heavily on my CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara, using the 'roots, wriggle, roll' technique which gives my lashes more lift, length and curl which means that even without a natural curl, they still look gorgeous and my eyes look more wide-awake.”


The time I…

Applied mascara on a tube

“There really is no elegant way to apply ANY kind of make-up on public transport, although applying your mascara (without a mirror) is probably the worst thing you can do on overpacked, overheated Central Line at 8am... “

Next time I will…

“Setting my alarm fifteen minutes earlier so that I don’t have to endure the stares that come with applying my make-up in public isn’t an option for me, so instead I will always make sure that I always have my CODE MEK My Essential Kit with me. Emblazoned with the slogan ‘Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” at least I can give those staring glances something to look at – and maybe make a few people feel good about themselves in the process!”


The time I…

Gave myself an eye infection by sleeping in false lashes

“False lashes are a party essential for me – no smoky eye is complete without long thick luscious lashes. However, last Christmas, after accepting one too many invites and far too many post-work Aperols, my tiredness caught up with me and my bedtime cleansing routine became a non-event. Sleeping in a set of strip lashes – that I had worn more than once – left me waking up with something far nastier (and more unsightly) than a hangover.”

Next time I will…

“Since using CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, I’ve been relying far less on my falsies. It genuinely gives lashes that same drama, length and volume that you can only usually get from fake lashes. I won’t be saying goodbye to my falsies forever - I may need them for some crazy fancy dress outfit, I’m a realist - but this certainly gives my lashes a break from all that nasty glue, without my eyes losing that definition that I love AND CODE FFL conditions lashes, encouraging regeneration and therefore growth #winning.”


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