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Forget Fake Lashes This Halloween 👻

Fake Lashes

Halloween is often the first event to kick off party season (yay!) and a great excuse to play about with our makeup. Whatever you’re going as, dramatic eyes can really complete the look (think feline fabulous or sultry vampire) and can give us the confidence to work the room at that unmissable Halloween party. While going for fake lashes can seem like the most obvious choice it might not be the best one, falsies can leave us looking a bit scary, and not in the way we want to.

What’s wrong with false lashes?

The thing with false lashes is they are a quick fix. And we all know quick fixes never work out well in the long run (think trying to cure your Halloween hangover with more booze – nope, not the best idea!) While falsies make give you the intended wow-factor look you’re going for, if your concerned about underwhelming lashes, in the long run they will actually do more damage than good, especially if have lots of nights out planned this party season. Regular use can do real damage to your natural eye lashes, causing them to break, fall out and lose condition.

Ok, I get it, but I just can’t achieve the effect I want without false lashes?

Actually, you can. This is where CODE FFL (that stands for Forget Fake Lashes if you hadn’t already guessed) comes in. CODE FFL is a pre-mascara lash plumper, created for those of us who want the false lash appearance but without the negative side effects. It upgrades your lashes before you apply your mascara, giving instant volume, thickness and length and it has women everywhere dumping their falsies. Plus, CODE FFL is no quick fix, regular use will hydrate and condition your lashes, and encourage natural growth. Get ready for scarily beautiful lashes this Halloween, without the false lash hangover 👻.

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