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How to fake a good night's sleep

how to fake a good nights sleep

Beauty sleep starting to become a thing of the past? Why is it that when the nights start to get longer, the amount of sleep we’re getting actually, conversely, starts to reduce? The clocks might have gone back but let’s face it, the extra hour in bed didn’t touch the sides- we’re getting gradually less sleep each week, thanks to our inability to turn down invitations to all those bonfire night parties/ post-work prosecco/ pre-Christmas drinks (yes, even in November. We like to start early) and not forgetting our little ones taking absolutely no notice of the change.  Hell, even Netflix is often responsible for us not getting as much shut-eye as we know deep down we should be getting. But the team at CODE is realistic – we know that a social life (or again, having a little one or Netflix…) is just as important to us as getting those extra few hours kip, so we’ve come up with some tips to help you look as if you’ve had your eight hours, when you’ve barely had six. So keep reading and we’ll make sure that with a few tweaks to your beauty regime – and maybe a double-shot latte – you’ll be looking fresh. Even if you’re not exactly feeling it.

 1. Give yourself a massage

Yes, really. Chances are that you’ll be suffering from excess fluid in your skin, which gives the face a puffy appearance and can make you appear more bloated. The key to draining away the fluid is to drain the lymph nodes with a good massage. A skin roller is a good way to do this, but using your own fingers will achieve similar results. A manual lymph drainage self-massage helps drain lymph nodes, restoring balance to your facial contour by reducing water retention in your face. Using a facial oil to help with the movement (and moisturize your skin as a bonus) pat fingers along the cheekbones, working the way out from your nose towards your ears. Do the same along the forehead, working your way out towards the hairline. Finally, starting from the side of your face below your ears massage the lymph nodes of your neck down towards your shoulders.

 2. Brighten your complexion

Bedtime is when our skin cells naturally turnover, so a lack of sleep can disrupt our skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself. The result? Acne can worsen, skin can appear dehydrated and more lined and the complexion can look dull and pallid. Brighten the skin instantly by using a cleanser containing exfoliating ingredients, such as Glycolic Acid. Boost hydration with a skin serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and follow with a moisturiser that contains the skin brightening ingredient Vitamin C. Mini facial sorted.

 3. Give your eyes a makeover

Your eyes aren’t just the ‘window to the soul’: they’re also the greatest indicator of a heavy night. If you suffer from bloodshot peepers when you’re tired, start your eye routine with some whitening eye drops. When we lack sleep we tend to suffer both puffy eyes and dark circles, so these both need to be tackled. A hard-working eye cream in a gentle formula should target both: when choosing an eye cream look for ingredients that will cool the skin, as well as ingredients such as liquorice root, algae extract and mulberry. If your eye cream contains Hyaluronic Acid then you’ll also benefit from some skin-quenching and deep hydration, which in turn will help lines to appear less obvious. Pat – don’t spread - eye cream around the eye area – the patting action will help to stimulate the circulation and drain away excess fluid (read puffiness. See above!). A light, moisturising and brightening under-eye concealer is essential to cover the inevitable dark circles: look for a fluid formula which won’t sit in fine lines. Finally, an essential product in your arsenal of eye transformers is a mascara that will widen and brighten the eyes, making them appear more awake. CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara gives lashes the lift they need to give the appearance of wider eyes, as well as plenty of luscious length and volume. Plus the tear-proof formula will ensure that when your tired eyes get a little watery, your mascara won’t budge.

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