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5 steps to the perfect pout

Want to create the perfect pout? Here’s our 5 step guide to super plump, kissable lips.

Exfoliate your lips – You don’t want to overdo this as it might cause irritation but it’s a great idea to lightly exfoliate your lips before putting on any products as this will prevent a chapped and uneven look. To do this, lightly scrub your lips with a wet toothbrush to get rid of any dead cells. Or you can use an exfoliating lip scrub if you fancy a bit more luxury.

Apply CODE SSL – CODE SSL is a lip liner with a difference, it’s soft and smooth and will help improve the condition and plumpness of your lips, plus it’s rose pink colour works with any skin tone. Start by lining your whole top and bottom lips, starting from the middle, with short strokes to get complete coverage. Next add in some vertical lines, this is a great base for your lip makeup and allows you to make the most of SSL’s plumping ingredient. Finally rub your lips together to blend in SSL before moving onto the next step. You can buy CODE SSL here.

Apply CODE LIP – For super plumpness, next apply CODE LIP, a lip plumping treatment that is a great alternative to fillers or injections. Apply generously over the whole lip, the applicator is the perfect size and shape to coat even the edges of your lips. Pop on a second coat before moving on to the next step. You can buy CODE LIP here.

Add Your Fave Lipstick, Lip-gloss or keep applying CODE LIP – Choose your favourite colour and texture of lipstick or lip gloss, anything from a matte red lipstick to a glittery lip gloss will be complemented by CODE SSL and CODE LIP. Apply this however you choose, for inspiration check out our list of lip trends we love.

Smile – What is a perfect pout without a smile? We always look our best when we look happy and confidence is like an extra layer of makeup so smile away 👄

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