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Lip Trends We Love

Lips are big news at the minute and the focus on perfect pouts doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. We have compiled a list of our favourite lip trends of the moment and would love to her what you think! If there’s any looks you think we should add please let us know… x

The Natural Plump Perfection Trend – It’s no secret that plump lips are big news at the minute and one way to celebrate the trend is to stick to neutral colours and let the shape and size of your lips do the talking, like Rihanna has here. If you’re not lucky enough to be blessed with naturally plump lips like Rihanna, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to resort to fillers or injections to achieve the look. Use CODE LIP (that stands for lip intense plumper) for plumper and more sculpted lips, the more you use it, the more dramatic the effects will be. You can also line your lips will CODE SSL (soft smooth liner) for a neutral rose shade like Rihanna’s, this liner won’t give you a harsh drawn on look, just beautiful long lasting colour and softness, plus it contains maxi lip which stimulates the collagen in your lips for maximum plumpness.

The Festival Ready Glitter Trend – We love a bit of glitter and this look is great for festivals! It will allow you to rock the glitter trend (which is usually applied to the eyes) in a different way so you can stand out from the crowd. However, if your planning on doing this trend its super important to look after your lips first, as glitter may irritate cracked or dry lips. Use CODE LIP to moisturise and hydrate your lips before applying your choice of glitter (get creative with colours).  

The Fashion Forward Two Tone Trend – This look is one for the fashion girls, and while we feel it might take a bit of practise to get perfect, it looks oh so stylish and modern when done well. Have a play about with colours, we love orange for summer it can bring out yellow tones in your teeth so if your self-conscious about this try a colour with a blue tinge (such as purple) which will make your teeth look whiter. To stop the colours from bleeding into each other apply a CODE soft smooth lip liner underneath the lipsticks, the natural rose shade won’t interfere with your chosen colours and it will prep your lips to keep the look in place.

The Vintage Pin Up Trend – Sometimes it’s fun to feel like a vintage pin up girl! The classic bright red lip is a trend that has stood the test of time for a reason, it always looks on point. I don’t know about you but bright red lips always have us feeling like a total girl boss and ready to take on the world. It’s important to have healthy looking lips for this look so, apply CODE LIP on a regular basis. It’s magic ingredient, Hilurlip, contains an exclusive combination which helps to redefine the natural contours of the lips, create a more youthful, sculpted look and minimise the appearance of small vertical lines.

The Trend We Probably Won’t Be Trying At Home – It’s always fun to admire these out there trends, and we really admire the creative makeup artists that make looks like this happen, so we wanted to include this look in the list. However, in reality we think this would probably be a practical nightmare and pretty irritating. We reckon we would find it difficult to ignore the desire to rub the fur (we think it’s fur!) off and we would probably end up looking a hot mess. If anyone of you are brave enough to try this look please send us a pic!

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