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World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

Did you know there is a holiday that celebrates a plant-based lifestyle? Well November 1st is also known as World Vegan Day and it’s a chance to really open your eyes to the small changes you can make to live a more conscious lifestyle.

 Perhaps the most obvious way to celebrate World Vegan Day would be to treat yourself to an entirely vegan meal, or maybe to donate some time or money to an animal welfare cause.

However, as a beauty brand who are always looking to bring our love of all things beauty together with our cruelty-free ethos, we wanted to share with you why we refuse to test on animals and why this actually makes the products better for you.

 Since we launched in 2014, we made a strong commitment to never support animal testing on any of our products; it’s also actually been banned in Europe for many years now!  ‘Cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’ isn’t just a marketing gimmick to us.

It’s pretty simple why we make our products vegan really, it’s a no brainer. They are friendlier to the earth, friendlier to your skins and they make you look and feel great.

 We completely get that veganism can be a confusing concept though so we put together some information to help you out if you’re looking to make some changes to your lifestyle.


What makes a product vegan?


In order for a product to be vegan, it must not contain any animal ingredients, nor animal-derived ingredients. This includes honey, beeswax, collagen, cholesterol, gelatine and many more.

 The best way to check if your product is vegan is to check out the ingredient list or have a look online. People often use lots of science and marketing terms on packaging to through you off so it’s much easier to do the research yourself.


Dermatological Difference?

 We believe that the ingredients you put on your skin really matter so we make sure we find safe synthetic and natural alternatives that mean you don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or payoff.

 Even if you’re not quite ready to go fully vegan yet, it’s a great time to start making small changes to your beauty routine to make them more animal friendly. After all, you’ll get the same if not better quality without comprising your values.



Producing high quality products and pushing creative boundaries without harming animals is our top priority. In every step of our manufacturing process we are mindful of protecting this beautiful world we live in.

 Veganism is on the rise and we are so happy to be able to contribute to the protection of animals and animal cruelty, as well as creating must-have beauty essentials that are as good for your makeup routine as your conscience.


CODE FFL (Forget Fake Lashes) is our only product that has not been vegan certified yet. It contains an ingredient called synthetic beeswax which is why it hasn’t been officially certified yet. We have been working with our manufacturing to make this 100% vegan and by 2019, we’ll have a full vegan range!


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