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What scares you?

What scares you?

No matter how strong you are, how old you are or how brave you are, there’s something that’ll always scare the hell out of you. It could be spiders, or a situation, like getting old. You could be scared of the dark or snakes. You could be scared of commitment or losing someone you love.

Some people use their fear as motivation, while others use it to take a step back. At the end of the day, change can be scary, there is no doubt about that, but allowing fear to stop you from living life to its fullest is even worst.

As part of our latest #GetReal campaign we asked some of the ladies we were working with, what scares them. Check out the video below.

What are you scared of? Share your answers with us on social media for your chance to win a makeup bag full of CODE Beautiful products, just in time for party season!




Chloe x


Competition closes on 30th October 2018. Winner will be announced on 31st October 2018. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GetReal and tag us in your posts!

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