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The hand cream dilemma

The hand cream dilemma

Dry hands are such a pain aren't they, you buy the products slather them on (hands feel yuk, takes ages to dry then it wears off..) This is why we made a product that you literally need the smallest amount of to give you that silky soft blanket feeling but also smooth out the lines, super hydrating and nourishing, with no yuk feeling! 

CODE SSH Shield Soothe Hydrate does AALLLL of the things we want a cream to do for our dry bits and the best bit is you only need to apply once day (twice in some cases), morning and night the tiniest amount is all you need, so it lasts a while and it's only £10! Serious value packed in a tube. 

Here's what some our our customers think of it and here’s the lovely colette with a before and after....

You will love your dry bits  
Love, Sarah x

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