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Transform your tired eyes in an instant

Transform your tired eyes in an instant

So, this one is for those of you who’s had too many late nights, just simply not been able to get as much rest as you’d like or like me... cursed with hooded eyes and dark circles, damn those genes...   

First up, CODE LLE, it was developed initially as an eyelid concealer and primer to help with tired and hooded eyes but It’s come a very long way since then.... Now women rely on CODE LLE – the antidote to tired eyes not only to conceal and lift the eye area but also to conceal, smooth lift anywhere on their face (a great alternative to foundation that shows our lines), most of our customers are using all three shades to conceal, prime, as a bronze or contour and eyeshadow. I think it’s officially the most multitasking product out there!

Next up brows, CODE NBD, done the quick and easy way, with an added bonus of a daily tint - say goodbye to faded and grey brows and hey to defined gorgeous brows. I’m wearing brown on the video below but there are lots of images to help you find your shade.

Last but not least the ultimate everyday mascara, CODE VLM, it is a dream to wear and you don’t need to check in the mirror at lunch time to check for smudges or flakes! It will totally transform your thinning or short lashes.

Here’s how to use them in this quick and easy video and I’ve put the products I've used all on one page so you can find them easily, here.

Sarah x

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