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The day to night products you will love

The day to night products you will love

It can be hard to know what products to use when. Will this product stay on all day, during the gym, last till school pick up or dinner with friends? The list goes on. What we all really need is no hassle, easy to use makeup that takes very little time, that just WORKS , that we know we can trust to do what it says it will, so we can get on with the important stuff in our day. 

We’ve picked a few of our multitaskers out that allows you to create a natural base that will last throughout the day and then when the day turns to night you can transform your look in a matter of seconds...  

The ultimate every day mascara is water resistant with no clumping or smudging CODE VLM will last you through the day. Whether that is holding you through a good cry or a sweating gym session CODE VLM will stay put. Then when the time comes and you want to add a bit of evening drama to your lashes just simply add a few more coats for a more volumised, lengthen look. ( There won't be a clump in sight )  

Especially now we are coming into the summer months you want a natural glow that will last you allll day. With a soft, creamy, light texture CODE HTG gives you the natural glow throughout the day. Then when you are ready CODE HTG gives you the ability to effortlessly built a deeper, more dramatic look or a bit of extra glow. 

CODE NBD takes sparse thin, fading brows to thicker naturally defined ones. CODE NBD Last all day with just a few simple brush strokes the light gel gives you a vibrant matte finish without caking, that you can make darker at any point of the day with a few more easy brushes if you want to. Did you know it also has some clever ingredients that gives your brows a daily tint? 

Here is a quick video of Sarah applies the products :)

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