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The 5 minute make up you need

The 5 minute make up you need

With the kids out of school  and a packed summer plan, there never seems to be that spare 30 minutes to sit down and do your makeup. Lucky each CODE Beautiful product can be applied quick and easy in a matter of minutes and still look like you took all of the time to do your make up so beautifully and effortlessly. 

CODE LLE Lid lift enhance – The antidote to tired eyes. You can use this to lift, conceal, brighten and contour depending on which shade you choose. 

CODE HTG - Hydrate Tint Glow- Get up and glow. How you use CODE HTG is up to you, it can be used for lips, cheeks and even eyes. Coming in three shades that suit every skin tone and mood, we are sure you will find at least one you love!  

CODE NBD - Natural Brow Definer, because who has time for brows? It does what is says on the tin naturally defined brows. Having a buildable formula, you can choose between a natural look or a more defined look (and everything in between)! Coming in three shades you will be able to find your perfect match, and if you're not sure, drop us a message with a picture of yourself at hello@code-beautiful.com where we can help you out.   

CODE SSL - Soft Smooth lip liner, for statement lips and comes in one shade perfect for all skin tones. Being a 3-in-1 it is a lip plumper that you can wear it either as a lipliner, lipstick (that lasts allll day) 

CODE LIP - Lip intense plumper, for lips that feel as good as they look. CODE LIP is a lip plumper like no other, and once applied your lips are left feeling nourished and moisturised.  

CODE VLM – Volumising Lengthening Mascara, the ultimate everyday mascara, you'll never want to use another! Covering all bases CODE VLM lifts, lengthens, gives voluisme and is water resistant  with no smudges or clumps in sight. 

Here is a video of Sarah doing a quick makeup tutorial, using the products above that you can follow along to. 



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