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The easy way to get up and glow

The easy way to get up and glow

It’s never been easier for you to achieve that natural summer glow in seconds with CODE HTG. The soft, creamy, light texture effortlessly glides onto your lips, cheeks or even eyes, then stays put allll day long! Making it perfect for the “I have no time for makeup” as it can be applied in seconds and no top ups required.  

The buildable formula allows you to choose between a natural glow or a deeper colour for a more dramatic effect. Full of moisturising and nourishing ingredients to boost hydration, CODE HTG, will have you glowing on the inside and out.  

CODE HTG comes in 3 shades, to suit all skin tones and moods.


Here is a video of Sarah wearing all three shades.  

Enough of us harping on, click here to see what our customers think of it

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