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Get party and wedding ready, with some expert tips

Get party and wedding ready, with some expert tips

We are in the middle of party and wedding season, and it’s a busy one! So, we wanted to make sure are feeling and looking naturally vibrant this. To help us out we asked Bridal hair and makeup artist @charlottehairandmakeup (on Instagram) her her best tips and tricks...


No1 skincare must do before the big day ?

My favourite tip for great skin on the day is simply to drink LOTS of water the week before - it really does show in your skin and helps it glow! 


Which CODE Beautiful product would you use for the day and why?

To give the skin an instant refresh and glow on the day, I’d add a little of the lip/cheek tint CODE HTG to give an extra pop of colour and create a dewy radiant cheek ready to dance the night away! 


What is the best makeup tip for an event? 

Use a lipstick for your blusher so you only need to take one product in your handbag to top up with. It will complement your whole make up look as your lip and cheek colour tie in together seamlessly. The hard part of this tip is choosing which shade of CODE HTG to go with! 


What is your favourite type of bridal look to do? 

I love to enhance natural beauty and help brides feel like the best version of themselves. Creating healthy skin and making everyone’s eye colour pop is my favourite thing to do 


What would you say is a bridal makeup trend this season? 

It’s all about glowing skin! Whether it’s a liquid highlight that shimmers in the sun or a powder version in the right places to give even oily skins a radiant finish. 


What are your top 3 tips for keeping your glow? 

  • A beautiful dewy look is all about the skincare prep on the lead up to your wedding - great make up always starts with a great skincare routine, so make sure you find the products that your skin loves and stick to them morning and night.  


  • Add an illuminating primer underneath your foundation or just on the high points of your face to get a gorgeous glow.  


  • Only use a loose powder on your t-zone and let your cheekbones glow and catch the light! 


The finally, what is your favourite part about doing bridal makeup?  

It’s always so amazing to see the bride in her dress once you’ve finished their makeup! After creating some makeup magic it’s so lovely to see how the whole bridal look comes together and the big smile on their face. 


Thank you so much Charlotte for the great tips and tricks!


We think CODE HTG and CODE LLE will be perfect to use if you want to get up and glow with minimal effort for your summer events this year...

Hope you all have a lovely time at any of the parties or weddings you may be attending! x

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