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More value for you...

More value for you...

Whether it's packing to go on holiday or you're having a sort out of your make up bag, it is important to make each product count! That is why we create multitaskers that do lots of different jobs – giving you the best possible value we can. We’ve picked out 3 true multitaskers that will save you time and money. 

CODE HTG – Hydrate Tint Glow, is the ULTIMATE multi-functional must have. With a soft, creamy and light texture you can wear it as a blush, lip tint and even an eye shadow. Coming in three shades that suit every skin tone, you can either mix and match or pick one to match your outfit for the day!  This little recyclable glass jar is packed with product that will last you for months and months. 

CODE LLE Lid lift enhance, is the antidote to tired eyes. Being a 3-IN-1 lid concealer, primer as well as an eyeshadow. With the ability to brighten and waken even the most tired eyes, we can give you them few extra needed minutes in bed. With only needing two small dots to do the job, CODE LLE is not only multi-functional, but long lasting too - win win!


CODE SSL is a product that wears all the hats, being a lip liner, lipstick and a lip plumper. It will fill in those fine lines and give you fuller more defined lips. It is packed with clever ingredients that stimulate collagen, so it is working hard throughout the day.  Super smooth and lasting all day CODE SSL is the perfect 3-in-1 lip liner, lipstick, and lip plumper for all skin tones.

We hope some of these favourites save you some time, money and effort in feeling fabulous!  

Sarah is wearing all of these products here....

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