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The antidote to tired eyes – school run anyone??

The antidote to tired eyes – school run anyone??

Between school runs, work and the fact that it’s just been a reallly long, weird year (I swear April was 200 days long), we may not be getting quite as much sleep as we’d like. Any mums out there? You know what I’m talking about.  

The great news is that we have created the perfect power duo to help you look awake, alert and ready to take on the day (even if you need 5 hours more sleep). It’s quick, easy makeup to make you feel your most vibrant self, without the hassle.  If you are looking for trend-driven products you won’t find them here…

Step 1 – apply two tiny dots of CODE LLE to your eyelids, inner under eye and any other areas you feel you want to conceal and lift.

CODE LLE - Lid Lift Enhance the ultimate antidote to tired eyes

A lid-lifting concealer, primer and natural eye shadow in one, this multifunctional superstar works to lift and brighten, opening up even the sleepiest of eyes. A combination of moisturising and lifting active ingredients work together to smooth and soften for a sublimely radiant, silky finish. This is our fastest selling product – don’t worry we work really hard to make sure it’s always in stock! 

Step 2 – Apply CODE VLM, using our Roots Wriggle Roll Technique Roots: Pop the brush on to your lashes as close to the root as you can and lift them

Wriggle: Give the brush a good wriggle back and forth, this will make sure even the tiniest of lashes are covered.

Roll: Gently twist the brush through your finger and thumb in a rolling action from root to tip.

CODE VLM - volumising lengthening mascara the ultimate everyday mascara

The perfect everyday mascara—Whether you’re looking for strikingly dramatic evening lashes or just to look more awake, CODE VLM is buildable, so you can apply it as you like to get the look you want. It’s as easy as roots, wriggle and roll. 

You should definitely get more sleep, you really should— but, for when you can’t… CODE LLE and CODE VLM is the short cut, the ultimate antidote to tired eyes. 

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