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Prepare your lips for winter – get lips that feel as good as they look

Prepare your lips for winter – get lips that feel as good as they look

So summer is over already! What a strange year we are having — it really has flown by too. Now Autumn is upon us, I can already feel the coolness in the air. 

So, there's a lot to love about the colder months — cosy jumpers, warming drinks, the changing colours of the leaves… Sadly, the condition of our lips and skin is not among them. As the temperature drops and the winds pick up, dry, chapped lips can really start to be a problem for a lot of us.

The skin on the lips is much thinner than on other parts of the body, so it’s especially vulnerable to the dry, blustery winds and cold weather. Also, the lips don’t have any glands to produce natural protective oils like other skin, which makes them even more susceptible. Essentially, chapped lips happen as a result of a lack of moisture. So how we get more moisture in the lips is one more thing to add to our list to think about. We’ve got you covered - you can cross it of your list.

To get your lips prepped for winter, a hydrating lip product is super important.  When dry, cold air caused by low humidity saps the moisture from the skin (including the lips), it helps to have a little extra help.  

CODE LIP is a hydrating, plumping, long-lasting, defining, hyaluronic acid-infused lip rejuvenating treatment that works to improve and reduce fine lines as well as creating a fuller, more defined look.  

I was running up to 40 when we developed our two lip products. We were being asked a lot for a lip product that would help to fill in fines lines in a natural, elegant way.  CODE LIP is made in the UK and uses ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, sweet almond and coconut oil to nourish hydrate and lock the moisture in your lips.  My advice would be to use it daily if you are not already, to treat your lips and keep you covered for the winter months.  We added peppermint for a cooling sensation which is subtle but so refreshing.

Top Tip: pair with CODE SSL - our secret weapon for statement lips - for a bit more colour and definition. Sometimes I use CODE SSL as a subtle liner (smudge it in quickly). Once it’s on it’s on and it won’t budge for 8 hours! Or if I’m feeling like I need more of a statement I use it all over my lips as a base and then apply CODE LIP on top.

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