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Embrace the Magic of the Moon - This October we have two

Embrace the Magic of the Moon - This October we have two

Just in case my constant references to the moon, meditation and the magic of crystals hasn’t given it away, I’m pretty into the mystical. This October is especially unique because we’re actually getting two full moons. Without getting too airy fairy, I really do believe in the power of manifesting our own fates, and there is no better time to do this than the full moon.  

Throughout history, virtually all cultures the world over have embraced the symbolism and significance of the full moon. Our energy is the strongest at this time, so it’s the perfect time for heightened connection and embracing possibilities. Personally, I like to think about what I want to change or develop for the month, as well as what I want to let go of. Setting intentions and bringing focus to the ways I can improve my life really makes a difference for me. Maybe it’s the focus and awareness gained from connecting inwards, maybe it’s pure magic—either way it works. 

If you want to try it out this October — you’ve got two shots :) First, the Hunter’s moon (Oct 1st) and then Halloween night (too perfect, right?)  This only happens about every 18 years!!

So what do you do?

Try and create a space that you can really relax and be present. I like to light a candle, run a bath, cleanse my crystals and really carve out some me time, but whatever it is that puts you in the right space for self-reflection. Set yourself some intentions for the month—whatever is important to you, but really visualise what you want the coming weeks to bring.  Write it down, read it out, believe that you deserve it.  Then let the moon do its magic.  

I'd love to hear your stories of how you take time out to set your intentions and focus within. 

If you are interested in the moon and spiritual wellbeing keep your eyes peeled later this month for a super treat make sure you are on our VIP list to be in the know of an amazing mystical treat for one lucky winner.

Sarah x

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