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meet the team

#TEAMCODE Meet Lily...

It's super important to us to have a genuine relationship with our #CODERS, and part of that is introducing you to the team. We decided to start a weekly feature, where members of team code would answer a few questions, so you can get to know us a little better!

Up this week, our Marketing and PR girl Lily x

What does your role working for CODE involve?

Ok so I look after marketing and PR! So for marketing I run the social media, write the blog and come up with campaign and competition ideas. I love this as I really enjoy writing and it gives me a chance to be super creative. PR involves organising collaborations with lots of awesome people such as bloggers and other cool brands!

How do you like to spend a Friday night?

I love the odd night out, Manchester, where I’m based, has an amazing nightlife so there’s always something good on – I’m a big fan of dance music. However, at the minute I’m completely obsessed with Love Island so that’s taking up a lot of my Friday nights!

Who’s celebrity style do you admire the most?

I love Rihanna’s style, she has a great mix of urban street style and glam looks. I was really impressed by her Fenty range from fashion week – I really think she has real talent as a designer and can’t wait to see more.

Who’s your favourite musician?

I’m a massive fan of Flava D, partly because she makes awesome songs, but also because she is a female DJ and really shows the boys how it’s done. Flava D is a garage/grime producer and it’s a really male dominated industry so it’s great to see a woman be so successful.

What’s your favourite CODE product?

It’s difficult to say as I love all the products but for me it has to be FFL. I like to wear dramatic makeup on the weekends and before discovering it I was really addicted to false lashes but they have a lot of downsides (I could never manage to stick them on properly and they always kept falling off.) Since trying FFL I have never gone back, it allows me to get the wow factor look I crave without spending £10 a week on falsies.


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