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new lip products

Move over Kylie, there's a new lip kit in town!

IT"S HERE! The ultimate lip plumping duo that you've been waiting for has arrived. CODE SSL - Soft Smooth Lip Liner, is a lip liner and a lip plumper in one self sharpening device, so you never need to worry about trying to find a lost sharpener in the bottom of your makeup bag again. Combine this with CODE LIP - Lip Intense Plumper, a lip plumping treatment that gives an instant boost in plumpness and moisture, giving you the appearance of lip fillers in a matter of seconds -  all without the pain of injections!

The magic ingredient in LIP is Hilurlip which redefines the natural contours of the lips to create a youthful and sculpted look and protect lips from the sun. Hyaluronic acid keeps lips hydrated and plump throughout the whole day so you can layer it up as much as you want (you won't be able to resist - the tingling sensation is addictive).

Never able to find the right lip colour to suit your skin tone?

Then the LIP and SSL combination is perfect for you, coming in a beautifully soft nude rose colour to suit all! SSL provides a soft yet defined line against your lips, preventing any lipstick or gloss from bleeding, creating a natural, effortless finish.

The smell?

Naturally sweet. LIP is infused with coconut oil, sweet almond oil and caster oil for a smoothing and minty tingling sensation - you get the results you dream of without the burning sensation some other products might provide.

How easy is it to use?

First use SSL to line your lips. It will always be the perfect shape due to the clever self sharpening technology - all you need to do is twist the lid 'til it clicks and the perfect tip will be yours every time. Simply glide it over the edge of your lips and see instant results. If you wanted to build up your base, then I suggest drawing vertical lines on the lips to give an even more defined look. Then swipe LIP over your lips and see a naturally instant boost in your pout!

Both products are long lasting with the appearance of your lips improving the more you use SSL and LIP, this is thanks to the collagen stimulating active ingredients to create a naturally boosted pout, the days of lip fillers are in the past!

There's already been a great response to the products. Beauty and style blogger Really Ree loves both SSL and LIP, writing on her blog "I think it looks absolutely great and both products have gone straight into my handbag!"

CODE SSL is available HERE ----->

And CODE LIP is available HERE ----->

Enjoy Coders,

Team CODE xx

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