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#RealTalk - What does CODE Beautiful represent as a brand?

#RealTalk - What does CODE Beautiful represent as a brand?

As part of our #RealTalk series, we want to know what you think CODE Beautiful represents as a brand.

To us, CODE Beautiful is all about celebrating normal women, just like you and I, that don’t conform to the idea of perfect, those women who just want multifunctional products that will make them look and feel great with minimal fuss.

At the end of the day, we are just real women, going up against some big corporate giants in a very crowded industry. We never want to seduce you with big advertising campaigns and we’d certainly never sell you lies. We don’t do fads fashions or fairytales, we just create great products that really work.

CODE Beautiful is not part of the corporate beauty world, we may be tiny but we have the confidence to just be ourselves and do our own thing passionately. We’re all about creating the beauty essentials you can’t live without, so that you can buy less, but still get more.
To us, CODE Beautiful is all about staying real to ourselves and to our amazing customers.

Fancy getting your mitts on one of our statement makeup bags filled with CODE Beautiful problem-solvers?

Head over to our social channels to share your answers and be in with the chance to win.

Winner will be announced on Friday 30th November.




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