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Real reviews from real women

Real reviews from real women

So excited to share some of the videos and images you all have sent to us - click below to check it out. We're so grateful for your feedback. 

We started CODE Beautiful because we were tired of beauty products that always seemed to fall short. We found ourselves asking, “Why should we need to buy 3 products instead of one? Why are we being told we need all of these things to be beautiful? And actually, why should we have to spend our time thinking about it when we have other things to focus on?”  

We decided that instead of trying to sell products by telling women they need them in order to fit a specific idea of what’s beautiful, it should really be the other way around. That's why we really focus on creating products that we and our customers actually want.   

When you send us your videos and share your perspectives it really helps us keep doing that (and makes us super happy). Keep them coming!   

Sarah and Emma x




Have just purchased the brow definer NBD in bronze. While I love how easy it is to apply and like how it shapes my brows, I think I may have chosen the wrong shade. My brow hairs , once blonde are now almost fully transparent and even repeated applications fail to achieve any appreciable colour or definition. Maybe I need to try the brown shade to achieve the depth of colour I’m looking for?

I first started using Lid Lift Enhance about 12 months ago at first I thought I had bought the wrong colour … I bought Fairer soul, but when friends started to ask what was i using to make me look so awake ….. I was like ok this must be good. I have since bought Light Hearted and found this to be just as good depending on what occasion I am going to I sometimes mix them to get the perfect colour for me yayyyy so thank you code beautiful i will be purchasing them again.

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