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How to get the best lashes you’ve ever had…From Famished to full flutter

How to get the best lashes you’ve ever had…From Famished to full flutter

Does this sound familiar…. You buy the mascara it always lets you down or is pretty average? This is why we made our lash products, well one of the reasons…. We were literally sick of trying all sorts of mascaras that were never perfect. 

If you are someone who has fine lashes, sparse lashes, short lashes or just want to really upgrade your lashes, here’s how…. 

  1. CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes– Known for taking lashes from famished to full flutter, this conditioning primer is a little like the trusty old spanx to our little black dress.  Understated, but totally game changing on how we look and feel.  Apply it under your mascara to coat, condition and thicken lashes you’ll be amazed at lashes, you didn’t even know you had. 
  2. CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara– the ultimate every day mascara, it will never let you down. It gives you length, volume, thickness and curl that lasts all day, without a smudge insight but comes straight off easily with any water-based cleanser.  Build it up in the evening without having to remove it and start again – it will NOT clump. Weddings, work or weekends away (now we can start to do that right? Woohoo)  

The most important bit is how we use it…. here’s how to apply them, it’s all in the little detail of the roll…. watch this


I use the forget fake lashes and it’s AMAZING, it thickens and lengthens my lashes it’s a bit on the expensive side but lasts quite along time

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