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CODE Beautiful - Best Make up Brand for over 40’s - Thank you TOYL

CODE Beautiful - Best Make up Brand for over 40’s - Thank you TOYL

So we’ve recently been awarded best makeup brand for over 40’s! We are super pleased and extremely proud to have caught the eye of Karen who runs Toyl – Time of Your Life which is dedicated to providing beauty products that actually work to help us feel and look better during midlife. Karen has been a beauty guru for 25 years, she has even written a number 1 bestselling book called ‘time of your life’ (you can find it on Amazon)  TOYL is a subscription box packed full of products that actually work for women over 40, hand selected by Karen and her team.  

All of our products are made with midlife in mind, at the request of our customers, many of which are midlife,

For those of you that don’t know instead of trying to sell products by telling women they need to fit an industry definition of beautiful, we decided to do things the other way around. By simply asking, listening to the feedback and then committing to creating products of uncompromising quality, CODE Beautiful was born. We work with our customers before we launch a product so we know it’s going to be pretty near perfect before we get it to market. 

We’re so proud of what we’re building.  CODE Beautiful is for people who see past the beauty industry hype. No trends, no nonsense; just the products we’ve been asked for, upgraded both in the way they are produced and the way that they perform, to enhance the way our customers look and feel according to their own definitions of beauty.  

We continue to support Karen and her work to inspire and give confidence to midlife women 

You can check out TOYL HERE...


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