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Morning confidence in less than 5 mins

June 27, 2021

Morning confidence in less than 5 mins

So now that we are all starting to travel or at least plan to travel, whether that be here in the UK or overseas, we thought we’d give you a little round up of the quickest easiest way to be ready in a few minutes with just a few products.... 

We put together our Vibrancy kit for this reason, it’s the quickest easiest route to some extra morning confidence in less than 5 minutes! Its also on special price, so instead of being £129.95 it’s just £99 and includes ALLL of these products... 

CODE VLM – the Daily Mail called it the “miracle mascara”, it’s truly the ultimate every day mascara, need I say more ( you’ll never look back ). You’ll also get CODE VLM mini, take it out with you in your pocket for quick top ups or use it in your brows ( if you are dark haired ). 

CODE FFL – Take your thinning, short or damaged lashes from famished to full flutter in one quick roots, wriggle, roll of this old school fabulous brush. 

CODE LLE – in Light Hearted and Deep Moments, the ultimate antidote to tired eyes, for brighter looking eyes and smoother, lifted eye lids. You can also use Deep Moments as a beautiful soft brown natural day shadow or natural bronze / contour as well as a great lifting concealer on black skin tones.  

CODE SSL – For statement lips, this 3 in 1 lip liner, lipstick and lip plumper is the ultimate lip product, the perfect shade for all skin tones. 

CODE LIP – lip intense plumper is a luxurious treatment for your lips, healthy, hydrated and fuller lips, beautiful natural shade of pink perfect for days in the sunshine. 

So that’s everything in the kit with pretty much £30 off at the moment! Which is like getting the two mascaras for free! 

The only other absolute must have this summer is CODE SSH Shield Soothe Hydrate - THE INDULGENT TREAT YOUR HANDS, FEET, KNEES AND ELBOWS DESERVE!   

We cant say it any better than this customer who reviewed it recently and gave it 5 stars...


" I was first drawn to this hand cream because of the advertised light texture that was easily absorbed yet super moisturising - the cream delivered completely in this arena. It’s a hand cream that you can use through the day and not have to wait long for it to be completely absorbed and your skin feels super moisturised. I have however been blown away by the healing qualities of this hand cream. My skin is super sensitive to the sun and although I always have SPF on I regularly have sunburnt hands. After applying SSH every few hours over a 24 hour period the sun burn had gone and my hands felt back to normal - and thoroughly nourished. Whatever ingredients you have in the cream ladies - they are truly magical. This is a game changer for me and can no way be compared to your average off the shelf hand cream :-) " Emma P

Go on treat yourself - you deserve it!
Happy Sunday,
Emma x

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