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For statement lips - This is the ultimate lip duo…

For statement lips - This is the ultimate lip duo…

When I was running up to 40 I started to get fine lines on my lips, so I started work on two products that is pretty much all I use on my lips day or night because they are not only versatile in the way that you can use them, but they REALLY work, here’s how.
CODE SSL – Soft Smooth Lip Liner - this is a great 3 in one multi-tasker, it works super hard for you, it can be a lip liner alone or use it all over your lips as a lipstick. It has an ingredient in it that stimulates collagen for fuller lips.  In terms of the shade, it’s perfect for ALL skin tones, a quick line and smudge in gives you a softer day look, even great on super pale skin like mine! Or wear it all over the lips for a deeper statement look.  Now, a lot women just use this on it’s own but, a lot, like me like to have a hydrating sheen over the top so…
CODE LIP – Lip Intense Plumper, it’s the opposite to everything you know about lip plumper's….. It doesn’t burn your lips it wont aggravate the capillaries to give you a temporary ‘swell’, it will genuinely hydrate, nourish and fill in your fine lines over time, use it daily for a few weeks to get the benefit.  Aside from the benefits you’ll see it’s just beautiful to wear, it’s smooth not sticky at all, it wont get stuck in your hair (that’s so annoying isn’t it), and it will give you lips that actually feel as good as they look.


Watch this for how I wear mine… excuse the home made video, it was one morning in my bedroom and I thought it would be helpful to show you how I use mine.
Sarah x

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