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Quick easy natural day look 

Quick easy natural day look 

 We thought we’d share with you how to do a quick, simple but amazingly effective and natural make up look. Sarah filmed this last month ( if you don’t already subscribe to our YouTube channel please do as we are going to try and keep sharing more looks and tutorials here  )  


(each product will have a link) 

First things first, Sarah used CODE LLE (Lid Lift Enhance) in the shade Fairer Soul, to brighten and lift the eye area and it is perfect for hooded and tired eyes, as it is the antidote. This product can be used all over the face to conceal and double up as a base for eyeshadow, to ensure your eye shadow doesn’t move all day! CODE LLE is the ultimate antidote for tired eyes making you look like you got those 8 hours of sleep.  

Next up was CODE HTG (Hydrate Tint Glow) which comes in three different shades, the one used in the video is African Ruby which as you can see is a vibrant shade. CODE HTG adds that extra natural glow to your look, being hydrating and nourishing, it doesn’t just look good, but you will feel it too! A tiny dab goes a long way so you can gradually build up the colour from day to night. CODE HTG is multi-use as it can be used on your lips and cheeks so it’s the perfect product to have handy throughout the day. 

We then go back to CODE LLE but in the shade Deep Moments. This time we are using it as a soft contour, to give a little lift and colour where we might naturally catch the sun. If you have the luxury of a little bit of extra time CODE LLE could be used as a natural eyeshadow on the lids. 

Moving onto the lips we have the 3 in 1 CODE SSL (Soft Smooth Liner) that can be used as a liner, plumper and lipstick. Providing a natural way of filling in fine lines that might start to appear. CODE SSL’s secret weapon is that it has a sharpener in the lid, so there is no need to be frantically rummaging through your make up bag to find the sharper, when you should have been out the door 5 minutes ago. 

CODE FFL (Forget Fake Lashes) is the key to faking long thick lashes. When we get older, our lashes might start to thin out, so even with adding one coat of CODE FFL before your mascara you will transform your lashes (and may even look like you have fakes on, but without the damage!) 

To top off that lovely, long thick lash look, you will need CODE VLM, which is the ultimate everyday mascara and once used you will never turn back! All you need to do is the roots, wriggle and roll routine and your lashes will be instantly upgraded. Easy, quick to apply and lasts all day what more can you want? 

To add that finishing touch we used, CODE LIP (Lip Intense Plumper) with no irritation CODE LIP gives you that natural fuller look on the lips, with the help of a hyaluronic acid infused lip plumping treatment.  

….And just like that you are ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

Hope you had a good weekend  

Sarah & Emma . X 

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