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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

A little inspiration for the special ladies in your life.

It’s the run up to Mother’s Day and if you're stuck on how to celebrate the most important women in your life, our CODE Beautiful gift guide is here to help. Whether it’s your mum, step-mum, glam-ma,  mother-in-law or that special lady in your life we have the perfect gift for her (and you – lets be honest it’s always good to treat ourselves too).  

For the lady that needs a helping hand with tried eyes.

We all need a helping hand every now and again, and with CODE VLM, CODE FFL and CODE LLE as the newest antidote to tired eyes in her make-up bag it will not only brighten up her eyes, but her day as well.  

CODE VLM transforms thin, fine, short or spares lashes by volumising, lengthening and thickening. Give the women that does it all, a mascara that does it all, and it will be the only one she will ever need ( obviously replacing it every 3 months but that can be the birthday present 🙂  ) With no-clumping, no-smudging and its water resistant, it will save time throughout the day without the need for the little fix ups, that let's face it nobody has time or desire for.  

For that extra bit of drama, try adding CODE FFL under CODE VLM for a guaranteed upgrade of your mums lash game. With the full bristle brush with different length bristles designed to grab every lash and plump it to its full potential. As fake flashes can be a hassle and a half, you spend ages trying to get them on and still not being satisfied with the outcome, along with the extra damage added from the glue. CODE FFL is a quick, easy solution, making her look like she has fake lashes on, but in a natural elegant way while hydrating and conditioning ingredients ensure lashes remain nourished and flake- free, there’s no better duo.  

To finish of this tired eyes trio, CODE LLE is the absolute antidote for tired eyes, so if that special lady  has more things to do than hours in the day, CODE LLE is perfect. As it is a truly multifunctional being able to be applied as a primer, lid concealer and eyeshadow all in one. CODE LLE come in three shades - Fairer Soul, Light Hearted as well as Deep Moments all three are perfect for the minimising the appearance of dark circle, veins, pigmentation and fine lines anywhere on the face but especially the eye lids.  

So, if you team all three of these CODE Beautiful products (each amazing in their own right) it will transform any tired, hooded or heavy eyes into perfectly vibrant and awake. 

For the mum that wants to get up and glow.

With spring right around the corner, the CODE HTG - Hydrate Tint Glow can give a beautifully healthy glow.  

A soft light, creamy texture CODE HTG comes in three shades, perfect for every skin tone. So, there is no need to stress over if the shade will suit her or not, they are perfect for everyone. Being a multi use product it can be  used as a blush, lipstick as well as an eyeshadow. CODE HTG is a buildable product allowing you to go for subtle or bold, meaning it can be used in every one of the special lady in your life’s makeup looks. Easy to apply with a tiny dab, a little bit goes a long way thereby ensuring the product is faff free, and no need to be a top makeup artist to get up and glow.  

The only big question now is do you get her one, two or three! 

 For the mum who wants her lips to look as good as they feel.

You only want the best for your mum, auntie, glam-ma or that special lady in your life, right? RIGHT!  Well, that is what you are going to get with these two award winning products.  CODE SSL and CODE LIP are two multi tasking hero's, that will make lips look as good as they feel. The products can be used separately or together to create that luscious lip look. 

CODE SSL is a three in one liner, lipstick & plumper. Being Lovely and soft the liner doesn’t drag across the lips when applying, giving your mum a fuller and more defining look that lasts all day. And there is no need to buy her a sharpener to go along with the liner as the lid contains a self-sharpening tool meaning you’ve always got the perfect sharp tip.   

Pair CODE SSL with CODE LIP to finish off the look. Full of awesome ingredients CODE LIP nourishes & moisturises lips, while making them look lovely and glossy (without the stickiness that can come with the glossy look.) Unlike other lip plumpers CODE lip won't irritate causing a temporary swell but simply tingle a bit in a cooling way to get that fuller look over time, use it every day for 2 weeks to see the difference.  

This amazing combo can be used for either a natural everyday look or a buildable statement look – something for every occasion. 

 For the one who is tired of her dry bits! 

CODE Shield Soothe Hydrate is a huge game changer for dry hands, elbows, knees ankles, tattoos, it will completely transform her skin in a very short time.  Less is more as with all our products, use a little morning and night and watch her skin because smoother, more nourished and hydrated.  It’s on offer this month for just £10 grab it while you can (don’t forget yourself).


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