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Makeup tips for over 40s

Makeup tips for over 40s

As we age, our makeup needs change and it's important to adjust our beauty routine to enhance our natural features, while still looking fresh and youthful. If you're over 40 and looking for tips on how to create a natural makeup look, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

Skincare is key: Start with a good skincare routine to prep your skin before applying makeup. Hydrated and well-moisturised skin will make your makeup look more natural and youthful. I’m working on our own skincare products but I also really rate Oskia Vitamin C and Beauty Pies HA range.  
Use light-reflecting products: Choose a lightweight foundation or better still just a tinted moisturiser with light-reflecting particles to give your skin a subtle glow and smooth out any imperfections (ideally with an SPF in). So many of our customers tell us they use CODE LLE to conceal the dark circles, pigmentation, rosacea and any redness... and ditch the foundation all together. 
Go easy on the eyes: Stick to neutral eyeshadows CODE LLE is fantastic for this and i use it in all 3 shades, avoid heavy eyeliner. Focus on defining your eyes with a few coats of lengthening mascara, our LASH kit will take your lashes from famished to full on flutter and don't forget well-groomed eyebrows, as long as you have some hairs there, CODE NBD will dramatically change the way you look and feel and avoid trips to the salon for tinting out those greys as it has a daily tint in it!   
Blush and bronzer: Add a pop of colour to your cheeks with a natural blush and a touch of bronzer to warm up your complexion and give you a fantastic glow, CODE HTG in your fave shade is perfect for this along with CODE LLE in Deep Moments for the easiest bronzer ever! 
Lip colour: Opt for soft and natural shades of lipstick or lip gloss to enhance your lips without looking overly made up. CODE LIP on top of your CODE HTG shade of choice will really bring the look together.  
Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty and embrace the ageing process with grace. I hope these tips help you achieve a fresh and youthful makeup look that’s right for you!  

Happy Sunday,

Love Sarah x 

P.S. Here's a link below to my over 40's easy natural makeup tutorial for 2024. 


I recently purchased the Lid lift product, & I have to say it is a fantastic product, I use it as an eye shadow, it enhances your eyes beautifully & does not sit in creases, amazing.
I also bought the mascara duo a few months ago & that is also amazing. Does exactly what you promise Thanks

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