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Xmas Gifting Kits

Xmas Gifting Kits

This year Christmas shopping isn’t going to be as easy as it has been in previous years, shelves not as full and having to buy online more (I do miss touching the fabric of the clothes I buy). 

We have tried to help this year by creating kits for you, at a discounted price with one easy click. 

The number one reason our customers tell us they buy from us is that the products do what they say they will.  You know that we deliver on our promise, so you can buy a gift with the confidence that it will do what it says it will. 

So will it be one for you one for me kind of shopping this year? 😊

CODE Lash Kit

Take lashes from famished to full flutter with this lash kit, includes:

1 x CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara

1 x CODE FFL Forget Fakes Lashes

This dream team transforms thin, fine, short or sparse lashes as well as upgrading anyone’s lash game.

CODE Lip Kit

Statement lips. for lips that feel as good as they look. This kit includes:

1 x CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner

1 x CODE LIP Lip Intense Plumper

Two multitasking heroes CODE SSL and CODE LIP - Perfect for filling in fine lines, nourishing and hydrating lips and the perfect shade for all skin tones.

CODE Vibrancy Kit

The ultimate, I have better things to do with my time kit...! Less is more.. a few products to help you feel your most vibrant self. This kit includes:

1 x VLM Volumising Legthening Mascara

1 x FFL Forget Fake Lashes

1 x LLE Lid Lift Enhance

1 x HTG Hydrate Tint Glow

1 x SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner

1 x LIP Lip Intense Plumper

The easy to do morning make up routine.


Hydrate Tint Glow for lips and cheeks for every mood. This kit includes:

1 x CODE HTG - African Ruby
1 x CODE HTG - Pink Quartz
1 x CODE HTG - Peach moonstone

Well why have one, when you can mix to suit your mood.

Shop Christmas Gift Kits HERE.

Sarah x  
P.S. to help you decide what to get here’s a couple of links with some information for you: 
Vibrancy Kit info
Lash info
Lips info
HTG info

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