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For lips and cheeks

For lips and cheeks

By now most of you have tried our new product, CODE HTG Hydrate Tint Glow, in at least one shade. 

Not sure what shade to go for?  Check this out...

Here’s what makes it SO special:-

  • All 3 shades are perfect for all skin tones
  • It's easy to use for those "I have no time for make up" moments but want a natural glow
  • It’s buildable – so it goes on light and you can deepen the shade the more you apply  
  • It’s Vegan (and obviously cruelty free)  
  • It's in a recyclable pack – we had this product ready for quite some time, but we could not find a pack that you could recycle. Eventually we found the perfect one! It's a glass jar 
  • Full of moisturising and nourishing ingredients to boost hydration
  • Antioxidant, protection from free radicals and pollution 

Get your hands on your next shade HERE.

Please send us pictures of you wearing the shades, we love to see different skin tones with each shade. We’ll send you a little thank you gift voucher if you do 😊 

Sarah x  

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