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Good vibes

Good vibes

Hey there, 

This weekend it’s the last full moon of the year (yes, it's me banging on about the moon again). The reason I'm writing to you today is I know a lot of us have hectic lives, especially this time of the year, between our endless job list, the children's social calendar and Christmas preparation – it's a LOT.  So, I’m hoping my note to you, inspires you to take an hour of your day today to focus on YOU.  I do a little full moon and new moon ritual every month, it grounds me, gives me clarity and focus for the month ahead and in all honesty helps me manifest what I want I life.  You may not feel the need to do the whole thing, but in principle it’s just about taking some time out for you, to get some headspace, clear the air and take control of your own adventure. 

The first thing I do at full moon is cleanse!  A bath, some candles, clean the house, my crystals and I usually smudge my home to lift the energy.  It's also a wonderful time to have a clear out!  Not just because you need to make space for all those presents but because letting go of a bit of clutter clears the mind. 

Next, I make my favourite drink, might be a mulled wine today but usually a gin or a nice herbal tea. I sit and give myself the space to meditate and write, I write about what I want to let go of at full moon, what habits, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, people, situations that I feel are no longer serving me and I want to release and I focus on letting them go. Some people write them and burn the paper they are written on, personally I just find it cathartic to write it, say it and release it. 

Then, I think about what I would really like to manifest in my life and I call it in, I'm as detailed as I can be and again, I write it as if it has already happened.  I'm clear, I'm detailed and believe I deserve it.   

Writing things down makes things real and sometimes you realise what you thought you wanted isn’t really what you want. 

After this hour to myself I feel fresh, energised, and ready to embrace the next phase. 

Try it, practice it, the difference it makes to give yourself this space to create, release and make your own rules. 

Happy Sunday 😊 
Sarah x


That sounds lovely Sarah. I have smudge sticks for my home too, and I love the cleansing bit, I find tidy surroundings give me a tidy mind. A great idea to write down what you think you ‘want’, writing makes it more ‘real’. Great tips, I’m so I’m awe of the moon and it’s beauty. Thank you!

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