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FFL - The Spanx To Your Little Black Dress!

FFL - The Spanx To Your Little Black Dress!

Every girl needs a little black dress. I don’t know about you but my little black dress looks 100 times better when I wear it with Spanx. So much so that it doesn’t feel right without them! They smooth everything out and allow my dress, and my body, to look the best it can possibly look, and why wouldn’t I want my killer outfit to reach its full potential?

Well what if your mascara was like a little black dress. It might look amazing on its own but is it reaching its full potential? Or does it need a pair of Spanx? 


CODE FFL, a pre-mascara plumper that guarantees thick, full and long lashes. Just like Spanx allows your body to look the best it possibly can in an LBD, FFL allows your eyelashes to look their very best with your favourite mascara. Like Spanx goes under a dress, FFL goes underneath your mascara, enhancing your natural lashes so that when you put on your mascara it will really have the wow factor.

But there is one major difference between Spanx and FFL. While Spanx is just there to create an illusion, and won’t actually make your body more streamlined (we can only dream), FFL will improve the natural condition of your lashes over time, with a formula that hydrates and conditions lashes, and encourages growth.

So what does FFL stand for? It stands for Forget Fake Lashes because trust me, once you try it out you will be throwing your falsies away! Thanks to FFL, it is possible to get that dramatic lash extension look without resorting to wearing falsies (which damage your eyelashes and never stay on!)

FFL can be worn with your favourite mascara (like their little black dress I know many girls have a trusty mascara that they always rely on.) However, for the best possible effect I recommend pairing it with CODE’s miracle mascara, CODE VLM (That stands for volumising, lengthening mascara by the way.) I promise it will become your new favourite!

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes

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