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What’s In My Bag….. At A Festival?

What’s In My Bag….. At A Festival?

Festivals are my happy place! I love everything about them, the music, the food, the fact that your most likely going to finish the weekend with at least a couple of new friends. But I am one of those girls who panics if I don’t have my whole bedroom with me 24/7, so one thing I don’t love so much is travelling light! It’s really difficult to narrow down the items you want to take to a festival (at my first one my suitcase wouldn’t fit in the tent!) but with a few festivals under my belt I think I have mastered it. Here’s what’s going in my bag this festival season.

  1. CODE Forget Fake Lashes – Trust me, dealing with false lashes at a festival is not fun (just wait till you freak out because you think there’s a spider in your tent!) Get the look without the hassle with CODE’s FFL mascara primer. Pair it with CODE VLM or your favourite mascara, it’s the spank to your little black dress.
  2. Glitter – You can’t do a festival without glitter. Who care if you haven’t washed your face in days if it’s covered in sparkle!
  3. Dry Shampoo – This ones goes without saying. I’m not wasting valuable festival time washing my hair.
  4. Perfume Balm – Smelling nice is extra stressful when you don’t have access to a proper shower! When carrying round a whole bottle of perfume isn’t practical, a compact perfume balm is a great solution.
  5. A Cute Hat – Perfect for disguising your matted festival hair and shielding you from the sun (if there is any.) Your choice of hat depends on your style, I like a classic baseball cap!
  6. Wellies – Listen to the people who tell you to ditch the trainers! You will have a horrible time if your feet are soaked and freezing.
  7. Something a little ‘out there’ – Festivals are about the only time you can get away with a rocking a massive flower crown or a feather boa. Do it for the pics!
  8. Something Waterproof! – And make sure it’s actually waterproof, or you will be miserable.
  9. Denim Shorts – Denim shorts go with everything and always look stylish. Plus they can be worn with or without tights depending on the weather.
  10. BB Cream – All in one products are the holy grail at festivals and a good BB cream (do your research!) works as serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It will be a saviour for your festival face

Any important items that you think I have missed out? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Lily x


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