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Equally Beautiful

Equally Beautiful

This is the beautiful Juliana, wearing CODE Beautiful products; a simple look is all we need most of the time.  Just to lift the mood to feel fresh, awake and give us a spring in our step. I love how she’s shown the difference that just a few easy products can make on half of her face here.

Juliana is wearing CODE LLE, lid lift enhance to lift and brighten lids and inner corner’s of her eye, she's using both shades of CODE LLE, Light Hearted and Deep Moments, so she has a really natural brown day shadow look.  If you have white skin and you want to lift and brighten for a wide awake look use shade Light hearted and if you have black skin use the shade Deep Moments to conceal, lift and prime before you apply your shadow.  CODE LLE can also be used to contour and highlight. 

Juliana is wearing CODE VLM and CODE FFL to naturally lengthen, lift and plump her lashes. These 3 eye products alone just make your eyes pop! The antidote to tired eyes right there. Longer fuller lashes, your most vibrant self, no-one will ever know you are running on a lot less sleep than you should be!

Julianna finished off by applying our award winning lip duo CODE SSL and CODE LIP to smooth, hydrate and plump the lips.  The shades of these two products we are particularly proud of they are perfect on all skin tones.

Super quick, super easy. The best version of you 💕  thank you Juliana x


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CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance

The antidote to tired eyes. It's a 3 in 1 lid concealer, primer and eyeshadow. works to brighten the sleepiest of eyes with a combination of moisturising and lifting active ingredients that work together to smooth and soften for a sublimely radiant silky finish. Available in two shades 'Light Hearted' and 'Deep Moments' OR you can mix them together to create a quick brown smokey eye look.

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes

This pre-mascara lash plumper conditions and lifts lashes to new heights.  It's the Spanx to your little black dress. This primer extends even the shortest of lashes. Keeps lashes nourished, nurtured and conditioned. Upgrades your lashes before you apply mascara.

CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara 

The eye opening mascara! Does what it says and more, it gives volume, length, separation, curl and is buildable to take you from day to night. Enriched with lash lengthening and volumising ingredients for bold, beautiful conditioned lashes.

CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner

This is a very clever self sharpening 3 in 1 lip liner, lipstick and lip plumper. Perfect for all skin tones. Wear it as a base all over your lips (making use of the plumping ingredients).

CODE LIP Lip Intense Plumper

A rejuvenating lip plumping treatment like no other. For lips that feel as good as they look Juliana finished off with a coat of this hydrating, long-lasting plumping treatment that works to fill any fine lines and gives a smooth and silky finish.

All our products are sent with love and FREE worldwide delivery.

CODE Beautiful Products


so beautiful, really would like to try the lip plumper

Great thanks ❤️

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