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Sunday session celebrating female entrepreneurs - this week it's Amanda founder of Pure Elixir

Sunday session celebrating female entrepreneurs - this week it's Amanda founder of Pure Elixir

This week I took some time out to chat with my good friend and fellow business owner, Amanda Henson, I've known her for around 14 years and she is beautiful inside and out.  This blog I hope will be a little inspiration to you all because actually sometimes we can have it all on our terms?

Amanda tell me how you became a super juggler that is a mum and successful entrepreneur?

Ive always been someone who wants to fix people through food, or remedies that i knew of. Then when working for one of the very famous corporates, I had the chance to spend time with some very clever scientists, where we worked together to launch a supplement for skin ageing. I was hooked! Later, when the business was sold, I didn't want to go back to ‘just another job’. I managed to convince my husband that we could make a skin supplement that was better than the one I had launched and remarkably, he agreed! We were early to market in 2015, the supplement market back then was a bit basic and very price driven. Not a lot of quality.

So that was it, I became obsessed with creating the perfect supplement for skin, it needed to be easy to incorporate into everyday life (many require multiple pills per day, ours is just one) and work really well. Our clinical trials came back with results that were even better than I could have imagined and we were off!

Meanwhile, I was still working for another company and had been pregnant and lost the babies several times. 

It was A LOT! but thats life. 

I decided to go full time with Pure Elixir after my son was born three years ago. 

Since then, they business has really taken off, We won "Best Supplement on test” with the Good Housekeeping Institute last year, which was amazing and have also been listed with Harvey Nichols. 

We have also launched three more products to help with Sleep, Brain Energy and Sun Prep.

The juggling is total madness, but its worth it for so many reasons. I can be more flexible to spend time with Otto whilst he is young, plus I love hearing the testimonials from happy customers. Some of them are really touching, when you can make a real difference to peoples lives. 

What three things get you out of bed in the morning?

Ha, sadly, at the moment its ALWAYS my three year old demanding I go to his bed as he has ‘had enough sleep now”. 

However,  if by some strange miracle he slept longer than me, it would be breakfast, its my favourite meal of the day, on holiday I can sit for hours working my way through the various offerings! 

And also my dog, Ludo, I love seeing his smiley face each morning, total and unconditional love.

What are your top tips for self care?

Oh, this is a funny one, as after I had Otto, as with most mothers, my world flipped on its head, I totally lost myself and found it hard to get any time for self care. I used to find the constant chatter about it overwhelming, like I was failing because I couldn't fit it in. 

Then I went back to one of our core principles at Pure Elixir, “something good, everyday”. When I started the business, I could see the much wider benefits people experienced when they created one small habit, devoted to themselves in their day, it really doesn’t have to be much, taking a walk, having a bath, taking your vitamins or putting on your favourite mascara, its a ripple effect for sure. It gives you a lift that has a much wider impact long term.  Then I came across the term 'habit stacking', its amazing, especially for those juggling all the balls! basically, it involves picking something new you would like to do, then doing it for 6 weeks, its then a habit and you move on to the next habit you want to incorporate, much less pressure than making a list and trying to do it all at once, impossible!

So, what do I do? 

Obviously, it starts with eating well, exercising and of course, taking your vitamins! Life is crazy for most people now, we all need a little extra help to be able to stay fit, well and strong.

I have a bath most evenings right before bed, using magnesium salts, most people are deficient in this essential minerals, I also listen to an audiobook in the bath, it really helps switch my brain off. I suffered from chronic insomnia for years, so a good bedtime routine is really important for me. Its also why I created our 02 SMART Sleep supplement, which works like a charm.

I’ve recently started body brushing, its something that I’ve come to love and even when I'm exhausted at night or have a million things happening around me in the morning, I do it anyway. 

And finally, this is a small one, I always drink loose leaf tea, I make it a little ritual, the preparation of the tea is an opportunity to take a few minutes amongst the chaos. That said, I literally never finish the cup, as some minor drama will usually have unfolded by the time I'm a third of the way through. Being a mum, means never finishing a hot drink!

Tell me something I didn't know about you?

I love really trashy murder mysteries, add in a period element and IM SOLD! Murder she wrote, Agatha Raisin, all of the Agatha Christies, books, TV or audiobook. My appetite for this stuff is ferocious! 

Can you remember how we first met?

Ha, yes, I was working at ghd many moons ago, I came in to the office and saw you in the boss’s office and thought, oh someone in for an interview. Nope, true ghd style, a few minutes later you walked into the main office area and went to your desk. It was your first day! and no one but the boss knew! Those were crazy times, such a whirlwind of a business. The overnight success what staggering and we spend many years chasing our tails to keep up! I think we all learned so much there and has far too many laughs for so many years. Wouldn't change a thing about that. 

What or who inspires you? 

So many people, I love this whole tribe of women (and men) that are creating amazing businesses in new fields, or revolutionising old ones. I scroll Instagram on a regular basis, just to see what else has come to market. You don't have to look far!

Also, my friends and family. Currently top of the list is my best friend, she's in lockdown with 4 children under 8. Complete madness! I don't know how she does it. And my mum of course, she inspires me on a daily basis. She is literally amazing.

I think if you spend time with people, you can find something inspirational in everyone. 

What or who can you not live without ?

Tea - Jasmine & Earl Grey

My family (dog included)

Running outside 

My current favourite 03 SMART Focus supplement - keeps me productive and on track through my to do list, even when Im tired.

Good food

Just the basics!

What makes Pure Elixir different?

Well, a few things. 

Our supplements are all custom blends, designed to approach each area of concern from many angles, so with 01 SMART Age, we have collagen, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories etc. so in this case, we treat the many aspects that cause skin ageing. its the same with all of our range. 

We simplify the process, each of our products are easy to incorporate into daily life, only one or two per day

We have no fillers or bulking agents. and we only use what your body can accept, we can only absorb a certain amount of most vitamins, so putting large amounts of one in to make big statements is not our thing. You literally just flush them down the toilet!

Who Typically benefits from your supplements?

Well, most people really. I design custom blends of vitamins and minerals to treat some of the most common issues or needs that people have, whether thats sleep, skin ageing, energy etc. Our customers are very diverse, men, women, young old. We really don't have a customer profile. Its just people looking to make an improvement in one or two areas of their lives. 

Finally, what is it like working with your husband Scott?

Ummmmm, no comment! :)

Thank you Amanda, refreshing as always to chat with you.  I personally love your supplements especially the 01 Smart age and the 03 Smart focus.

As a treat for our CODE Beautiful community, Amanda has kindly set up an exclusive CODE for you to use on her website at the check out just put in CODE20 https://www.pureskinelixir.com


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