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Celebrity makeup blunders

They’re unachievably gorgeous, flawless and perfect… But even our favourite celebrities have a good makeup fail every now and then. 

Just like the rest of us, there are moments where our favourite celebs just get it wrong. If Beyoncé can’t even get the right makeup artist… What hope is there for us, right?! 

To show you what we mean, we’ve collated some of the biggest makeup fails from the women who inspire all of us daily. To remind ourselves that no one is perfect. To remember that makeup changes with fashion – and what looks okay now might not look so great in five years. To remind us that sometimes? Less really is more… And you can’t ALWAYS trust a makeup artist. 

Even though your MUA is the expert, sometimes you have to step in and be true to yourself. No one knows your face like you do.   

Let us know what you think in the comments. Would you take on any of these looks? 


1. Beyonce

Oh Queen Bee. We get it, we do. The Met Gala is the perfect opportunity to get a bit wild and weird with your look, and the whole premise of the evening is to push boundaries. That said, this dark unblended eye makeup just sits on her eyes, making her fabulous lashes almost disappear. 


2. Avril Lavigne 

Ahhhh, this reminds us of more innocent times. Avril was the alternative fashion queen of the 2000’s, with her punk style taking over every teenage girl’s bedroom. And wardrobe. And sudden interest in skateboarding and stupidly wide jeans. Either way, this photo also reminds us that what we considered acceptable when we were younger isn’t necessarily okay ten years later. That pink eyeshadow coupled with HUGE lashes just don’t make the cut these days. Not to mention, her cat eye flicks basically reaching her ears is a complete no-go unless you’re on the catwalk. Sorry Avril, this is definitely a thumbs down. Why’d you have to go make (your makeup) so complicated?! 


3. Nicki Minaj 

Oh no Nicki, please. No. Nicki has really polished her whole look recently, but this image will never leave our memory. Or the internet. The bright orange skin contrasted with baby pink lipstick is 100% a fashion and beauty disaster. Knowing Nicki, we kind of get that it’s meant to be jarring and we LOVE Nicki for her unique style. This one might just be a step too far.


4. Kelly Osbourne

The first thing a makeup artist should do is match your skin colour to the correct foundation. It’s quite apparent that this step was skipped when Kelly Osbourne had her face done for this event – and she’s paying the price in all the press photos. The yellow shiny skin tone is a bad look for anyone, but contrasted with lilac hair?! It’s even more obvious.


 5. Universal Powder FAIL

Using white powder to even the skin tone and hide blemishes can be a girl’s secret weapon – but it has to be blended correctly. Miley and Angelina are suffering from a severe case of Caspar chin in these photos. When your cheeks have been on holiday but your chin looks like it’s been in a dark room for eight months – it’s definitely time for a lesson in blending.


6. Less is more 

We all envy Kim Kardashian for her striking features and perfect skin tone – but sometimes an image tells a different story about how those flawless complexions appear in real life. We’re all about the natural look, so the layers and layers of foundation on Kim in this picture are a big no for us. When you’re lucky enough to be as beautiful as Kim, it’s a travesty to cover it up!

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