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Do eyelashes grow back?


Years of bad mascara and peeling false lashes off your lids at the end of the night can cause serious damage to your lashes. Our eyelashes can fall out, thin out, become brittle and generally just look a bit naff – all because of the chemicals and harsh formulas we’re applying to them every day. 

Naturally, we’re all looking for that miracle treatment to transform our lashes back to full health immediately, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Just like the hair on our heads (and our eyebrows after an overpluck or a bad wax) – recovering the health of your lashes takes time, effort and seriously good products. There ARE, however, ways to make your lashes grow back and restore your flutter to full health. 

The natural look is important to us and we’re here to help you get back to amazing, fuller looking lashes. 

It’s not ALL about the products, though. Sometimes, things we don’t consider to be directly related to our lashes really, really impact the way they look. 

Eat your way to longer lashes 

The first and most important aspect of getting your lashes back is actually your diet. Yep, you need all the vitamins and minerals you can get to keep your eye flutter game on point. 

We all know that if you look after your body and eat clean everything else will follow, but our eyelashes react to our health. Feel a bit poorly? Eyes making you look a bit more run down than usual? 

Eyelashes are still part of your body they have a purpose of protecting your eyes, not just to look feminine and pretty. It’s important you look after yourself to see any noticeable results. 

Take it off – take it all off 

Secondly, we all know that meticulously taking off your eye makeup after a heavy night is a HUGE challenge. That big comfy bed is calling to your drunk ass, and those big fluffy pillows are screaming out for you to rest your weary, inebriated head. 

Not to mention, all that harsh, long lasting water proof mascara is about to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to get it all off before falling into bed. CODE is designed to come off EASILY, meaning we’re making it as simple as possible for you to strip your face of the day’s grime and get into bed FRESH. 

The quickest and best way to remove your mascara is to soak cotton wool in hot water, then gently soak the access mascara off (you’ll be shocked how much is still on there). Do this gently and don’t pull or scrub. Pulling and scrubbing is what causes eyelashes to break and fall out. 

Primer is for life 

Primer is a God send. Primer is everything. Primer not only makes your lashes look thicker and fuller, but actually MAKES them thicker and fuller by protecting them. If you haven’t tried our #FFL Lash Plumper yet, this is the moment. Go and buy it right now, use it every day – see an incredible difference in less than a week. 

Primer keeps each lash from drying up, making sure it’s flexible and not prone to breakage. Applying a thin coat of this under your lashes a base for the mascara to sit on, plumps each lash, helps to hold curl and makes it easier to take off at night. 

Not only will your mascara look better on a day to day basis – but the lashes underneath will be nourished, nurtured and conditioned. 

Our hair follicles repair naturally over time, but it does take time - and doesn’t always happen for everyone. As we age, our follicles don’t bounce back the way they used to which is why it’s imperative to take care of them NOW. 

If you follow these simple steps your giving your lashes the best chance of repairing. Just stay away from those big glued false lashes, there heavy, break your natural lashes and glue is just something that shouldn’t be by your eyes!

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