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Brilliant Eyelash Hacks for Longer Lasting Lashes

There’s nothing worse than looking back at photographs and seeing horrible, damaged, bald lashes from years of falsies, bad mascara and useless makeup removers. You might think the damage is done and that you have to carry on applying false lashes every day, or caking your mascara on to cover it up. But fear not, CODE has some of the best beauty hacks to make your eyelashes look as fabulous as you deserve… 

  1. Cleanse your eyes thoroughly before applying any mascara. Cleansing will help get rid your lashes of any access mascara from the day before and will leave your lashes clean and ready for the new application.
  2. Apply a coat of mascara primer before your mascara to protect your lashes and make the mascara last longer (CODE Mascara Primer is perfect for this, but of course we’re biased…)
  3. When applying mascara, never pump the bottle. This just adds air to the mascara and will dry it out much faster.
  4. When applying mascara, start from the root and gently ‘wiggle’ your brush side to side to create the fuller lash look.
  5. Apply thin coats a few times to avoid the clumpy, thick lash look.
  6. Take your perfect selfie with your new FABULOUS lashes.

Don’t forget to tag us in your lash selfies @CODEBeautiful

Now you have these eyelash hacks, you’re set to slay. Say goodbye to the horrible clumpy glue that doesn’t last on a night out. You are now ready to take on the world, because, after all, what’s more important than perfect lashes?

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